Cybersecurity has been evolving as a substantial threat to business ecosystems worldwide. 2021 has witnessed some biggest and disastrous data breaches. With the Covid-pandemic and consequent lockdowns, the business worldwide has taken a paradigm shift in their work models especially with the work from home evolutions. Work from home landscape particularly exposed huge vulnerabilities in most of the organisations. From the beginning of 2022, an estimated 85 million records have been breached. With the evolving Human- technology interactions, cyberspace will always act active and dynamic.

Biggest data breaches in 2022 are as follows:

1. GiveSendGo

In February 2022, some politically- motivated hackers breached into Christian fundraising platform GiveSendGo and posted nearly 90,000 personal records of subjects who donated to Ottawa Freedom convey protests (Canada). They posted all this personal data on the website of GiveSendGo.


In January 2022, Hackers broke into the wallets of nearly 438 users and stole nearly $18 million in bitcoin and $15 million in Ethereum, along with other cryptocurrencies. The hackers have hijacked the two-factor authentication and hacked these wallets. Crypto is becoming one of the primary targets for cyber hackers. Less regulation can be regarded as one of the reasons. As a part of the compliance mechanism, has audited its entire security to restructure and improve its security posture. Also, it is reported that all the users have been reimbursed.

3. Oklahoma non-profit community hospital data leak

This march 2022, A Non-profit community hospital in Oklahoma has been targeted by cyber hackers. Nearly, 92,000 users’ health records have been hacked which include patients’ names, date of birth, Social Security number, limited treatment information and medical appointment information such as date of service and name of providers. Health care is always a sensitive target for hackers. Heath records contain some vital Personal Identifiable Information which is very static when compared to financial data like credit card details which can be replaced.

4. Central Indiana orthopaedics data breach

CIO is a Company based out of Indiana, the USA. It has suffered a Data Breach on the 7th of this month. According to the central Indiana Orthopaedic, Once the data breach has been identified, all the users whose data was leaked has been notified through the letter. This Health care company mostly holds the data of people suffering from Orthopaedic issues. 

5. Samsung Data leak

One of the recent data breaches among the high-profile brand is the Samsung data breach. Samsung has confirmed that nearly 190 GB of data containing Software code belonging to one of its flagship model smartphones GALAXY. This is a kind of breach that impacted the internal organisation data rather than Samsung’s consumers.

Some of the other significant data breaches occurred in 2022:

A hacking incident involving data exfiltration, affecting 1.3 million individuals, reported on Jan. 2 by Florida-based North Broward Hospital District, which does business as Broward Health.
A ransomware incident, affecting more than 521,000 individuals, reported on Feb. 1 by Michigan-based Morley Companies Inc., a vendor that provides business processing services to health plans.
A cyberattack involving the exploitation of a SonicWall product vulnerability, affecting nearly 135,000 individuals, reported on Jan. 7 by Utah-based Medical Review Institute of America, a vendor that provides clinical reviews and virtual second opinions.
A hacking incident involving data theft, affecting nearly 134,000 individuals, reported on Jan. 22 by Massachusetts-based Medical Healthcare Solutions Inc., a medical billing vendor.
A network hacking incident that appears to involve ransomware, affecting nearly 116,000 individuals, was reported on Feb. 7 by Illinois-based South Shore Hospital Corp, a community healthcare organization.