Even with the same manufacturing organization Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) can seem like in separate world. They do not always speak the same language. For IT, security means protecting most sensitive data and on the other hand for OT, security means protecting organization’s people and equipment.
Before understanding the difference between IT and OT, let’s understand IT and OT separately.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology is a combination of information and communication technology. The main focus of IT are the development, maintenance, and use of computer software, systems and networks. IT stores data or information in a database, as per the requirement, those data or information are retrieved, transmitted and manipulated by IT according to the context of a business or other enterprise.

Operation Technology (OT)

Operational technology (OT) is a type of computing and communication system. It manages, monitors and controls industrial operations. The main focus of OT is physical devices and their performance & processes.

3 Importance of IT

  1. IT helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of a business.
  2. IT helps to manage data, information systems, customer relationship.
  3. Millions of job created by IT.

3 Importance of OT

  1. OT is considered as the hardware and software that keeps things, for instance factories, power plants, facility equipment etc. running
  2. It detects or causes a change of physical devices
  3. OT commits to provide no incident and no unplanned downtime

Some Examples of IT

Examples of Information Technology includes,
  • Personal computers and their accessories
  • Computer Networks
  • Landline and Mobile Phones
  • Flash drives and most types of software.

Some Examples of OT

Examples of Operation Technology includes,
  • Plant floor control systems
  • Hospital diagnostic and monitoring systems
  • Transportation control systems
  • Civil infrastructure (e.g. toll way automation and water management)

Difference between IT and OT

Convergence of IT and OT

Despite so many differences, the convergence of IT and OT is now a trend. Many organizations help to tear down the wall between these two technologies. They are united IT and OT for transformative digital manufacturing initiatives. These organizations believe together IT and OT will improve efficiency, security & safety and collect & analyse more useful data than ever before for improved operational effectiveness.