ISO 14000 / ISO 14000 Consultants in India

ISO 14000 / ISO 14000 Consultants in india

ISO 14000 is a series of Environmental management standards which has been developed and published by International Organization for Standardization(ISO) for organisations. It provides  the guidelines to organizations that need to be systemized and improve their environmental management efforts. It will promote effective environmental management system in the organization. Consultants Factory is among the leading ISO 14000 Consultants in India. We provide end to end support in implementation & certification for Organizations against ISO 14000.


Applies to all organisation

 ISO 14000 applies to all organisation . It will reduce environmental damage and industrial waste. The ultimate goal of the guidelines is to promote useful and useable tools to the organization to help them manage their environment impact. ISO 14000 is a set of voluntary environmental management standards, guides and technical reports, which will specifically focus on corporate environmental management systems, operating practices, products and services.

How can it help your organization?

  • ISO 14000 will identify and control the environmental impact of your business activities
  • It will continually improve your environmental performance
  • ISO 14000 will reduce the cost of waste management
  • It will reduce the consumption of energy and materials
  • It will lower the distribution cost
  • It will help maintain good relation with public
  • ISO 14000 will improve access to capital and will satisfy investor criteria

ISO 14000 will facilitate the attainment of permits and authorization