ISO 20000

ISO/IEC 20000: Service Management System (SMS)

ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is the international standard for Information Technology Service Management(ITSM).  The standard was developed to follow the best practice in within the Information Technology Infrastructure library(ITIL). It describes the set of management processes designed to help to deliver IT services more effectively.  It gives organization the methodology and the framework to manage ITSM and allows to prove your organisation is following the best practice.

Applicable to any company size and industry

 It is applicable to any company size and industry. It also helps organization benchmark how they delivery managed services, measure service level and assess their performance.  The Organization which has achieved ISO 20000  certification  can provide consistent approach to all the service provider to monitor measures.

How can it help your organization?

  • ISO 20000 is an integrated service management system which is supporting the vital service management functions
  • It gives a better alignment of IT services and the business it supports
  • It gives a good reputation in the market.
  • It will reduce communication issues effective and efficient communication about IT Service Management issues inside and outside of the organization.
  • It improves organizations image
  • It improves customer satisfaction and reduces dissatisfaction
  • It will help identify process improvement and will reduces customer complaint