Cyber attack

5 Significant Data Breaches of 2022

Cybersecurity has been evolving as a substantial threat to business ecosystems worldwide. 2021 has witnessed some biggest and disastrous data breaches. With the Covid-pandemic and consequent lockdowns, the business worldwide has taken a paradigm shift in their work models especially with the work from home evolutions. Work from home landscape particularly exposed huge vulnerabilities in …

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Password Attack

Several kinds of cyberattacks are prevailing around the globe but some manage to dominate and cause utter damage to both the privacy and security of information. This seems to increase in number and change its consequence with each passing day. Even stringent prevention techniques are not being sufficient to discourage hackers to check themselves.   …

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Man in the Middle (MITM) Attack

A MITM attack takes place when a communication between two systems is intercepted by an outside entity and it usually happens in any form of online communication such as, email, social media, web surfing etc. In this common type of security attack, the hackers try to eavesdrop on an individual’s private conversation and also target …

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