Think of IT Advisory,
Think of CF

Before CF: IT Services seem scattered, unorganized. Transformation initiatives slip. Little synergy between Business & IT objectives. Information security is weak. Management good practices seem disjointed with each other. No roadmap for global Management System certifications.
After CF: Clear, easy-to-use, integrated IT Management practices. Defined transformation roadmaps, Mature & Participative Workforce, Closed-loop synergy with Business Objectives. Global Certifications.

50+ Consultants . 500+ Projects . 10+ Countries

Why Should you Choose CF?

Consulting, and nothing else

We are experts of IT management, and have a singular focus on IT management consultancy & workforce training. Such acute focus results in great services.

Customer Centricity

We are boutique, agile and hence customer-centric. Our customer centricity is evident in our customer delight.

Global Reach

Our consultants & trainers are highly experienced in managing engagements across the globe. Our extensive network of partners across major EMEA, EU & APAC countries allow you to receive services across the globe.

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