Information Security/ISO 27001 Consulting

Information security / Cyber Security Consultancy Service

ISO 27001, ISO 27032, NIST CyberSecurity Framework, Cyber Essentials, UAE IA Regulations

Information security has become critical for businesses across the globe. This concern is primarily attributed to the fact that the access to information and the associated resources has become easier. In a distributed information processing environment like today, this is an unavoidable concern.

As a result, it is now upon the business organisations to ensure that their (as well as their Customers’) information is properly protected and that they maintain a high level of information security.

Consultants Factory boasts of an information security consulting team that is unmatchable in terms of experience & expertise. We assist our Client organisations set up & transform their Information Security Management System (ISMS). This is done through our ISO 27001 consulting service solution.

Challenges our Services Address

Our customers across the globe are encountering extraordinary change in the information / cyber security  landscape with the constantly moving workforce & consumers.

Our Information Security consulting service addresses the challenges our customers face in establishing and maintaining viable Information security programs.

Depending on the geography & nature of business, organizations may need to comply to multiple information/cyber security regulations with varied requirements of each framework.

Organizations may find it difficult at times to have dedicated capable internal resources for managing their information/cyber security framework, thus delaying adoption of privacy practices in their processes.

Our Solutions:

Information Security / Cyber Security Practices Assessment

We offer assessment & improvement recommendations of your Information security / cyber security posture vis-a-vis global benchmarks like ISO 27001, ISO 27032, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Cyber Essentials guidelines, UAE IA regulations etc.

Information Security / Cyber Security framework establishment

We assist in establishing Information Security (ISMS) / Cyber Security Management System based on ISO 27001/ISO 27032 / NIST Cybersecurity Framework / Cyber Essentials guidelines / UAE IA regulations etc which caters to most infosec/cybersec regulations and is the stepping stone towards a successful security journey. Such security frameworks establish the required processes and practices for managing security effectively.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) / Cyber Security Practices Maintenance

We provide annual maintenance services of information / cyber security frameworks for our client organizations. Our service activities include end-to-end maintenance and monitoring of the frameworks, required updates in the knowledgebase, ongoing dissipation of infosec/cybersec practices appreciation across the Organization through regular trainings, hands-on guidance, internal audits and improvement hand-holding of the employees. We also front-end with your Clients & any regulatory bodies in terms of their queries/discussions on your security stance.

Information Security / Cyber Security Trainings & Certification

We provide trainings for organizations to raise awareness of information security / cyber security requirements and practices. We also provide skill enhancement trainings to individuals who plan to explore a career in security domain. Contact us today for specialised programs like Certified Information Security Officer (CISO), ISO 27001 LA & LI, Cyber Essentials program etc.

Benefits of establishing Information Security / Cyber Security framework

Having an established Security framework helps gain trust and credibility from all critical stakeholders like the shareholders, customers as well as employees and partners. In today’s world, the brand value of an organization is heavily linked linked to its security stance. 

By defining security posture & establishing the culture of security risks assessment & treatment planning, organizations can manage information / cyber security effectively throughout the environment

Organizations can be compliant to security related legal, contractual, regulatory & fiduciary requirements by establishing a security management framework

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