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We offer IT management consulting services. Our services are high quality, high maturity and very affordable. Our team  boasts of experts with consulting experience ranging from two (02) to eighteen (18) years. 

Furthermore, our management consultancy practice is led by ex-Big 4 consulting leaders.

5 Reasons to choose us

  • We understand the Business context of your project
  • We are organisational change management experts
  • We are subject matter experts in Governance & management of IT
  • We provide Consultants, and not only Subject Matter Experts
  • Our consultants are well groomed, and best-of-breed

Our consultants

  • Ex-Big4 consultants
  • Global management consulting practice leaders
  • Ex-CTO, CIO’s
  • Lead Auditors & Implementers
  • Subject Experts & Practitioners

Consulting Service Offerings

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CF Eight Phased IT Management Consulting approach

1 of 8. Planning & Context Setting

  • Project planning of the engagement in terms of effort, roles, governance etc
  • Setting the context of the engagement as well as the targeted system / processes

2 of 8. Risk Assessment / Gap Analysis / as-is & to-be study

  • Assessment of the environmental risks on the achievement of the targeted system / process objective
  • Gap analysis / as-is & to-be study activities to identify the current state and the gap from the target performance state

3 of 8. Risk Treatment Planning & Controls Applicability Finalisation

  • Identification of the applicable controls & Creation of treatment plan

4 of 8. Design & Documentation

  • Creation of system / process design
  • Documentation of the system / process

5 of 8. Implementation Assistance

  • System / Process roles distribution
  • Role based training
  • New / modified system / process go-live coordination
  • Proactive & Reactive maintenance of the system / standard

6 of 8. Internal Audit / Assessment & further improvement

  • Internal audit training
  • Internal audit activities coordination
  • Identification of non-conformances / gaps
  • Management review coordination
  • Gaps closure assistance

7 of 8. Closure

  • External management system audit assistance / Internal benchmark mapping
  • Final knowledge transfer to the Client team

8 of 8. Ongoing management of the established system / process

  • Maintenance of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of activities

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