Difference between Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security are related and they are frequently inseparable from one another. A significant number of us might accept both are firmly related terms and one can’t have one without the other, while some would differ that one can have security without privacy, however not the reverse way around.
Well, they aren’t something very similar, and knowing how they vary may help you to protect yourself in an increasingly associated world.
Let’s try to understand it with an example. You might share personal information with a social networking organization to open an account. You can get three potential results regarding your personal information,

1. Privacy and Security Remain Sustained

The organization utilizes your information to open your account and provide you with products and services. It proceeds to safeguard that information.

2. Privacy is Compromised, And Security Remains Sustained

The organization offers a portion of your information to an advertiser.
Note: You might have given consent to this in the organization’s privacy disclosure.
The result will your personal information is gone to unwanted people.

3. Both Privacy And Security Are Compromised

Cybercriminals hack the organization database, a security breach happens, and your information is disclosed or may sell on the dark web. As a result, your identity is theft, you become a victim of a cybercrime, and your privacy is sacrificed.
Your personal information is floated all around the world e.g. in government workplaces, at medical care suppliers, at stores and restaurants, and in a large number of your internet-based records. Sometimes, in the places which are out of your control.
Your privacy and security may both get affected, if a hacker get the information.

What are Privacy and Security?

Privacy relates to the individuals’ right to,
  1. keep their personal information non-disclosed to anyone
  2. have control over the use, store, transfer and process of their personal information
Security relates to,
  1. be in an environment that is free from any threats or risks
  2. provide a various number of controls to protect the personal information

6 Differences Between Privacy and Security

In summary, despite having some differences, Privacy and Security are inseparable when information protection is a concern for an organization.
If we observe, we can realize security has been made a priority within organizations while privacy has neglected. That should not be the scenario.
Privacy and security issues are active and developing. An organization should ensure the overall security of its environment by safeguarding its information system and the personal information of its employees. Consultants Factory provide external IT management consulting IT management consulting service. We specialize on all privacy & security framework implementations.