What is SIAM?

What is SIAM?


What is SIAM? SIAM is a management methodology which can be applied in an environment that includes service sourced from a number of service providers.

SIAM is a term used as an abbreviation for Service Integration and Management, and further used to describe a service capability for Service Integration and Management, or a function providing that capability.

It has a different level of focus to traditional multi-sourced ecosystems with one customer and multiple suppliers.

It provides governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination to ensure that the customer organization gets maximum value from its service providers.

What is SIAM
What is SIAM?

SIAM Ecosystem


Customer organization: It is the organization that is making the transition to SIAM model. Customer organizations typically contain business units such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales, and their own internal IT Staff. They also have their own customers who use their products and services. What is SIAM 

Service integrator: SIAM introduces the concept of a service integrator. This layer makes sure that all service providers are contributing to the end-to-end service.  The Service Integrator Layer can be provided by one or more organizations, including the customer organization.

Service providers, which can be internal or external: In a SIAM ecosystem, there are multiple service providers. Each service provider is responsible for the delivery of one or more services (or service elements) to the customer. They are responsible for managing the products and technologies used to deliver its contracted or agreed services and operating its own processes.SIAM CERTIFICATION


  • Reduces internal management overhead for Cloud and legacy IT services.
  • Reduces risk and cost of integrating services from multiple providers.
  • Provides control and governance over the Cloud service ecosystem.
  • Enables collaborative working amongst Cloud and legacy service providers.
  • Enables end to end management of business IT services.
  • Provides skills and experience to augment internal IT management function.


ITIL processes and capabilities provide a strong foundation for implementing SIAM because they cover the lifecycle of IT services, and the terminology is recognized and understood by most IT suppliers. ITIL, therefore, provides a strong platform and common language with which a SIAM team can manage and work with a full spectrum of suppliers. SIAM draws on other sources of best practice as well in specific domain areas, for instance COBIT5 and ISO/IEC 38500. Whilst ITIL provides high level guidance on many aspects of IT management relevant to

In an organisational ecosystem using processes based on ITIL, SIAM capabilities are needed to align processes across service providers.

ITIL is less applicable in situations where SIAM is being applied to non-IT services. SIAM CERTIFICATION

relation with other management practices

There are many practices that can complement and support implementation, operation and improvement in a SIAM ecosystem.

These includes:

  • ADKAR: for organizational change
  • Bisl: for business information management
  • TOGAF, IT4IT, and other architectural practices
  • ISO/IEC 30105 for IT enabled services-business process outsourcing
  • ISO/IEC 38500 for governance of IT
  • CMMI for services, for process assessments
  • OBASHI for mapping relationships, dependencies, and flows of data and information
  • Project management methodologies

List is not exhaustive.


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