What is VeriSM?

What is VeriSM?

Service Management Model for The Digital Era

What is VeriSM? a common enquiry doing rounds in the Service Management world.

VeriSM is the latest service management model, designed to synergize service management practices with the rapidly changing market realities of the digital era.

This model involves eight (8) elements, starts and ends with the consumer, and provides a four (4) steps service activities cycle, namely, Define, Produce, Provide & Respond.

What is VeriSM?

Context of VeriSM

Every organization today is essentially a service provider. Public or private sector, small or large – everyone is now in the service market. 

Even organizations that focus on selling products need to provide services attached to those products to be successful (for example, customer service). 

In such a crowded service marketplace, reputation is essential for differentiation and commercial success. 

V.E.R.I.SM = Value-driven, Evolving, Responsive, Integrated Service Management

Considering this market condition, it is clear that to be successful, every organization needs to adopt an inclusive, integrated, value-driven service management approach that delivers what their consumers need. 

To be an effective service provider organization, service management can no longer be confined to a single department like IT or customer services; it touches every element of the organization. 

The VeriSM approach is specifically tailored to support such organizations – it covers the entire organization – to help them succeed in the world of digital services. 

VeriSM helps organizations to evolve their customised operating model, based on an integrated selection of management practices. 

About VeriSM. A Fun Video

Relation with Other Management Practices

Contrary to the popular belief, VeriSM is not a replacement (or a competition) to any other existing management best practices, inclusive of ITIL, ISO 20000, CMMI SVC et al.

VeriSM is an approach, a philisophy, a mindset, a diagrammatic representation of the service management landscape of an Organization. 

It is NOT a service management framework / standard / BoK / model* (*in the traditional sense). So it has no conflict with ITIL, ISO 20000, CMMI SVC or any other practices.



VeriSM is the proposed platform, that is flexible and inclusive enough to bring relevant management practices together, and be centrally managed.

From the initial details, it is evident that VeriSM is here to stay! It has a strong philosophy of inclusive, integrated, value-focused approach, but it is humble enough to incorporate contextual customisation as a critical factor.

About VeriSM Training & Certification

It is a wise decision to consider a VeriSM training & certification for the Service Management professionals. This certificate will help you stay relevant, enjoy the early mover advantages & prosper in career.

IFDC, the owner of VeriSM, has selected EXIN, APMG & BCS as the examination institutes (EI), through which you may avail VeriSM certification exams. However, you will need an accredited training as a pre-requisite to appear for these exams.

These EI’s in turn have accredited a set of high quality training providers (Accredited Training Institutes, or ATO’s) across the globe.

About VeriSM. A Fun Video

Who can Train & Certify You on VeriSM?

You may take up VeriSM trainings from any of the high capability training Organizations.

We at CF were the first training organization to have delivered an accredited VeriSM training & certification program for India & Middle East Markets.


Verism Certification Levels

Currently, VeriSM certifications are available only up to the “Foundation”  level. A higher level of qualification (namely, Practitioner) is scheduled to be launched on 1st September, 2018.

At present, VeriSM offers three levels of qualification for individuals, namely, 

  • “Essentials”: Attend for a sneak peek on VeriSM
  • “Plus”: Attend as a bridge course to achieve Foundation level, if you already have a foundation level certificate in any existing Service Management best practices
  • “Foundation”: Take up if you are a new service management professional, with no prior certifications in service management
VeriSM Certification Levels

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